Our Story

The Center for Nonprofit Advancement (CNA) is a nonprofit community resource center focused on increasing the capacity of organizations to be more effective in identifying, addressing, and sustaining the solutions they work so hard to provide every day. CNA is charged with helping nonprofits of any size develop the skills and acumen they need to meet the needs of the diverse communities they serve and to help these organizations ensure they are effective in having the impact they were funded to achieve.

The Center for Nonprofit Advancement will provide the opportunity for nonprofits and other social service agencies to come together as members of a regional body to leverage their resources and knowledge and speak to funders and policymakers with a collective voice on the key issues and priorities that are most important to them and their clients. CNA will become a hub for the collection and sharing of research that will help them design and implement better programs and write better proposals. Finally, the Center will expand the consulting services and training courses they offer while also becoming a place where mentors, coaches, and experts from local agencies and businesses can meet with organizations and help them get the support they need to operate as great businesses and as great community builders.

Meet the Team

These are the people behind the scenes that make this conference possible

John Epps, Director, Center for Nonprofit Advancement

John Epps


Center for Nonprofit Advancement

A RAP Foundation Program

Eva Guenther-James, Grants Program Manager, RAP Foundation

Eva Guenther-James

Grants Program Manager

RAP Foundation

Leticia De Lara, CEO, RAP Foundation

Leticia De lara


RAP Foundation

Stuart F. McClain, Controller, RAP Foundation

Stuart F. McClain


RAP Foundation

Mireya Reyes, Facilities Manager/Executive Assistant, RAP Foundation

Mireya Reyes

Facilities Manager/Executive Assistant
RAP Foundation